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Green Wholesale
Makapueo Farms has green 100% Kona coffee available in all grade (Extra Fancy, Fancy, Number 1, Select, Prime, and Peaberry) top roasters and coffee importers and exporters worldwide.

Our USDA Certified 100% Kona Green Beans offers paramount quality and consistency. Be assured that every time you order you will be completely satisfied.

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Just let us know the quantity and grade you are interested in.

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Makapueo Farms is pleased to offer green or roasted 100% Kona coffee to valued Makapueo Farms team members for distribution. If you would like to join the Makapueo Farms team and offer the world the finest gourmet coffee.

Makapueo Farms has state certified 100% Kona green beans in all grades available. It’s perfect for those crazed coffee roasters or for importers/exporters worldwide. Makapueo Farms has 100% roasted Kona coffee available at wholesale prices for all you retailers out there. We can ship it out in plain labeled packages, Makapueo Farms packages, customized with your own label, or bulk quantities.


Roasted Wholesale
Makapueo Farms has roasted 100% Kona coffee available. Our coffee is roasted to order to ensure premium freshness. Roasted wholesale coffee is perfect for all venues of the retail world, from supermarkets to catering.

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Just let us know the quantity and grade you are interested in.
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Welcome to the “Finest Gourmet Coffee In The World.”

Aina Division
Makapueo Farms has taken it upon ourselves to become more environmentally responsible. Through our Aina Division we offer fertilization delivery systems, natural water soluble fertilizers, and many services to assist our Ohana farms. MPF takes pride in our environmental awareness, ability to assist other farm, and fair cherry prices throughout harvest.