Kona Snow

Kona has produced coffee continuously since the early 1800’s. Yes Kona coffee cherry is hand picked and hand harvested, the Typica variety accounts for most of Kona production. Kona’s rich tradition and excellent coffee continues to increase demand. Coffee buyers have pushed Kona prices up in recent years, and made it one of the highest priced coffees in the world.


From August through January, the Kona coffee farmer is focused on bringing in the ripe red coffee cherry, processing the cherry into coffee beans, and preparing for sale or storage of their coffee. Most

Kona Coffee Cherry

Kona coffee farmers sell fresh picked coffee cherry, but there is a trend for farmers to add value by processing, drying, milling and even roasting.


The rest of the Kona coffee farmer’s year is spent in cultivation. Farmers prune old growth, select future growth, fertilize, and keep busy with other general farm management.


Kona coffee farmers work hard all year to produce a coffee that is famous. Farmers love what they do, working outdoors in extremely

The Four Stages of Coffee

pleasant subtropical climate of Kona, and feel privileged to keep Kona beautifully green by covering the slopes with hand tended old growth Kona coffee.